Monday, June 29, 2009

The 2009 Winners

Eric's Trip


We are very pleased to announce the two winners of the 2009 Independent Music Hall of Fame:

1. Eric's Trip (originally from Moncton, New Brunswick)
2. Rheostatics (Toronto)

The jury completed their votes last week and these two icons emerged as our first ever winners. In the coming weeks you will see in depth features on both these bands right here on the Independent Hall of Music website/shrine.

To give you a taste of the jury debate on these winners, here are few excerpts from the original nomination proposals made by members of the jury:

1. Eric's Trip - nominated by Carla Gillis:

"Thoroughly D.I.Y. – in their case, homemade artwork and everything."

"Spearheaded the East Coast “Halifax is the Seattle of the north” movement in the early 90s."

"Totally original sound that mixed sludgy heaviness with vulnerable, highly personal soft-sung lyrics sung by a guy AND a girl."

"Never signed to a major."

"Influenced almost as many U.S. bands as Canadian ones, and many younger contemporary bands."

2. Rheostatics - nominated by Michael Barclay

"They combine the best elements of Stompin’ Tom, Jane Siberry, Max Webster, Mary Margaret O’Hara and Neil Young. They were incredibly eclectic and yet you always knew it was the Rheostatics."

"They were singular and unique; no other band in the world sounds like them, to this day."

"Deadly serious and downright goofy; operatic art rock and bare-bones punk rock; grand ambitions and self-sabotage—it’s all there."

"10 official releases (counting off the top of my head); one of them on a major label, the rest done to varying degrees of indie-ness and DIY. 29-year career (1979-2008)."

Stay tuned for more on these bands in the coming weeks.

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